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Wine Value For Take-Out Night! Montresor Garganega ‘Bianco del Nago’ 2008 Review

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 | Food Pairings, Wine Tasting Notes | 1 Comment

I’ve officially discovered the most perfect Chinese, Japanese and Indian takeout wine…. and the best part: it’s under $10!

From the lovely land of Veneto, Italy, known for it’s Soaves, Valpolicellas, Amarones, and other high-priced Italian goodies, we have Cantine Giacomo Montresor. Specifically for tonight, ‘Bianco del Nago’ IGT, 2008, a wine produced from 100% Garganega (the grape). The Nago river is located very close to the vineyards and is the main water source of this wine project that was started by Montresor in order to showcase some indigenous varietals of the region in their own light. And showcase, they did! It’s a bit new to the wine market, so you’ll have to ask for it. Maybe you’ll find it at a restaurant near you too. {Sorry for the tiny picture…I’ll be posting more later.}

I spent the majority of the day getting to know this wine. This is the classic grape baseĀ  of popular Soave wines. Being new to the varietal, I tried it by itself, with sushi and Chinese (as I write) and it has held up on all levels! The initial reaction was surprise, mostly because the wine is very inexpensive. (I tend to be skeptical of low-price wine…. I’m a wine snob sometimes.) But man, talk about a hidden gem packed in a cool little bottle! Screw-top cap for easy access, no fuss and black and white with orange that catches the eye. Why not try something new?? And, it’s an enjoyable summertime sipper. :)


The color is a medium straw yellow. The first sniff lends itself to a very aromatic nose of a Bartlett pear and sweet apple fruit. There is a very pretty florality note, like orange blossoms and honeysuckle as well. I get almost a Riesling-esque quality to the nose. Fresh, vibrant, spring-time aromas. It makes me smile.

But, the flavor is fresh and fruity, with a nice racy acidity around the palate with a very clean and coif-fable finish! Lots of orange citrus fruit, a little lemon, some white peach is present, but not overwhelming. It finished rather dry by itself, but when I started in on my Chinese chicken lo mein and sauteed string beans, the finish carries through and the acid cuts through the fat nicely. Earlier I tried it with some sushi and whoa! The wine actually brought the sweetness of the rice out on the palate, along with the texture of the fish. The dry, clean finish turned more silky and smooth with almost a wet-minerality at the end and more viscous in texture. Anything spicy or fried was also a pleasure with this wine, as the wine didn’t taste watered down, just more complex.

So if you typically like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio and need a change of pace, go find this bottle! Or, ask your friendly wine store owner to bring it in! You’ll be happy you did and you won’t break the bank! Enjoy!

What to pair it with: Asian cuisine (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai), soups, grilled fish, oysters, stir-fry, curry.

Cost: $7-$9 (prices vary from state-to-state)

Alc %: 12.5%

Try it if you like: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio/Gris, Gavi or Vermentino


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