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Back In Action For 2010!

Monday, October 25th, 2010 | Wine Tasting Notes | No Comments

Good Evening - it’s good to be back!

Many of you are probably wondering where I’ve been all year long. Well, in a nutshell, I made a pretty drastic career move, all of which put me dead-center into an environment of nothing more than WINE!

As of January, 2010, I’ve embarked on my first full-time excursion into the world of wine sales.

Ok, and yes, some of you may think that’s ‘cheating’ because I have a wine blog. I certainly don’t want you to be fooled into thinking I’ll only be pushing MY wines. The wine world is vast, ever-changing, and so does my palatte. So, in lieu of change and new experiences I’d like to say HELLO again and give you a snippet of some wines that I’ve had the pleasure of being exposed to, ever so wonderfully, by a collection of wine which is never-ending. So, hang on to your glasses… here … we … go!


One word - Bierzo. The grape - Mencia.

El Castro del Valtuille 2005 Joven - Bierzo, Esp.

As much as I am a LOVER of Spanish wines, only a few can classically pair with a vast assortment of food. The bright acidity of the Mencia (like Cab Franc) grape can hold up to salty, tangy, sour, sweet, rich and eclectic flavors.

I was especially floored when I had this with some seared pork belly and pickled watermelon rind. Too crazy? Then try some pan seared skirt steak and caramelized red onions. MELT! $16 - $20.


A little Rhone ditty….

Domaine de Chateaumar - Cuvee Bastien - 2008

100% single vineyard old vine Grenache will make anyone swoon with the flavors and aromas of juicy blueberry fruit, smoky bacon fat and dark chocolate aromas. All the while being silky, smooth and accessible to any new wine enthusiast.

Enjoy with some hearty fare of game meats, duck in a dark currant sauce, beef stew, some sexy roquefort, or heck, chcocolate covered bacon! $15 - $18.


A Friuli

Scarbolo Pinot Grigio - 2008 - Friuli, IT

There are wine makers who have passion, and there are winemakers who are passionate; Valter Scarbolo is one of the MOST passionate winemakers I’ve met, to date. This man could talk for hours about the beauty, pureness and pleasure he receives from his grapes.

His Friulian Pinot Grigio has such wonderful finesse, balanced fruit and texture, it makes me wonder why all pinot grigios can’t be like his. But then, if they were, his would not be special. The grapes he grows are in a cooler climate region and have almost an oily texture as it coats the mouth. There is a touch of minerality which gives the wine its refined posture. Valter even produces a ‘Ramato’ pinot grigio to give the grape an even more expressive presentation. Wonderful apple fruit, some honey and white flowers make this a very aromatic wine as well.

Enjoy this with Salumi, veal Milanese, Branzino or a selection of mozzarella. $12 - $15.

I  think 3’s a charm and a good tease. Wait till I show you what I’m having with Thanksgiving dinner!

To be continued…



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